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Bézique with Pat Armstrong
This is a card game involving a 64-card pack to include two of
A,10,K,Q,J,9,8, and 7s only. It is for two or three players. If four, five
or six players are involved then they use a 128-card pack which includes
four of A,10,K,Q,J,9,8, and 7s. The order of importance is changed from
other card games in that the 10 takes precedence over the other cards
except the Ace.
The group meets at 15B Lamberton on the 1st/3rd/5th Mondays of each month
from 14.00. New members are always given tuition and led gently into the
games. There is a 'tea' break (cost 0.50p) and the whole afternoon is
played in a very relaxed atmosphere.
New members should not hesitate to join as any trepidation they may have is
soon overcome.
It is a game to sharpen the mind and also has a small element of luck!!


For further information contact: telephone 018907 81400

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